Some of the best, most brilliant recipes are the most simple. (Perhaps that is also true of many things in life). But finding out how easy it is to make homemade fiery-red beet chips, or a silky-smooth hummus, is always such a revelation to me. This little technique also makes excellent use of fruit that might otherwise tip to overripe and wasted, and the spice options are endless (I used cinnamon & ginger, but Chinese five-spice and cardamom would be a particularly lovely combination in my mind).


Peel and core apples. Preheat an oven to 225 degrees. Slice your apples as thinly as possible on a mandoline (unless you prefer slightly chewier chips, in which case you can make them a little more thick). Sprinkle both sides of the apples with a generous dose of cinnamon (spicy Saigon is the best version) and ginger. Bake on a parchment lined sheet for an hour, then flip the chips and bake for another hour. They should be fairly crispy and will crisp even more as they cool.